Beauty, style, fashion, attractiveness, magnetism and sex appeal aren’t just skin-deep. They start with your self-image – the way you see yourself.

Do an Internet search, and you’ll find advice on clothes, style, skin-care, hair and lots of other ideas designed to help to make you irresistible. Many of them are excellent, and well worth using.

That makes it easy to believe that’s all there is to being beautiful, but the truth is that whatever you put on the outside is just the icing on the cake.

What really makes the difference, and puts the kind of spring in your step and sparkle in your eyes that gets you noticed, is what’s inside… that means, the way you feel about yourself.

Even for a supermodel or a movie star, without the ability to project superb self-confidence, all the designer clothes and make-up in the world would be a total waste of time.

Well, the great news is that all that poise and confidence, that radiance and inner sparkle, all the qualities that draw attention and admiration like a magnet, are available to everyone — including you.

More than that, they’re actually your birthright, simply as a part of being human!

The keys to expressing the radiant beauty you were born to show are very simple ones:-

1. Get rid, right here and now, of any idea you might have that you’re less attractive than other people. You can be as radiantly beautiful as anyone alive — and it all starts with believing that you can;

2. Practice deep relaxation for at least half an hour, once or twice a day. This gets rid of stress and boosts your energy and sparkle;

3. Get plenty of sleep. Partying’s great fun, but if you don’t recharge your batteries sufficiently it can take a powerful toll on how you look (and feel about yourself);

4. Have a healthy lifestyle. Cigarettes, or too much alcohol, junk food and illegal substances will ruin your looks as surely as they’ll wreck your health;

5. Take some exercise. Yoga or t’ai chi will tone your muscles, change your shape (you get to choose the changes that you want to make), and give you much more poise and gracefulness;

6. One thing the most attractive people have in common is the ability to make the person that they’re talking to feel like the most important person in the room. The way to do that is to focus on that person, not yourself. Make eye contact, and really listen to what they have to say. Their reaction will make you feel so good you’ll really sparkle;

7. Choose a style that works for you. You will always look and feel much better in a style that suits your personality than one that doesn’t, no matter which designer’s name is on the label;

8. Make good use of color. Again, what matters is what suits you, not what the High Street shops are trying to sell you;

9. Hold your head up high, and walk tall. It makes you feel a lot more poised and confident, and that will show. People who feel good about themselves and how they look don’t need to blend into the crowd and hide themselves away; and

10. Keep a definite picture in your mind of exactly what you want to look like, and the graceful poise and radiant, magnetic beauty that you want to show the world. If you hold that picture strongly enough, your inner mind will help you to achieve it, and hold on to it, as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

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